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Pricing / Ordering / Request for Quotes

Custom orders are our main focus at The Jumbo Company. Pricing varies on a number of things including:

  • Artwork creation

  • Quantity of items

  • Quality of items

  • Size of items

  • Size of design

  • Any setup costs

  • Digitization of design (for embroidery)

  • Turnaround time

So you see there are a number of variables that can increase your cost and also, reduce your cost of your order. Contact us and we'll work with you on your next idea.

The Jumbo Company is proud to offer a couple of new line items / ideas, sold here and also in our new Etsy Store

 Something a little different........ 

 Black Beer'd T's. 

The Jumbo Company knows when things are hoppening, especially the craft beer industry which has taken the nation by storm. We offer a line of nostalgic and humorous designs for those that take their beer drinking serious......but not so much in what they wear while downing a pint or two (or four). These T's are Gildan 100% Ultra Cotton and printed with "puffed" plastisol ink in a "distressed" fashion.

Horsing Around

For the horse lover. An assemby of orginal and not so originals that will hopefully find any horse lover would love to wear to show off their love of their best friend and time they spend together.

Dat's Crazy

OK, these are a little odd, but maybe they will find a home on someones upper torso. Has to be something here that makes you laugh or better yet, somone who happens upon you while while wearing one of these shirts.

Check out our Facebook page for some sampling of our work!

the JUMBO company

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